Allrounder NIRO

NIRO - Black Suede / Mesh 1/52 picture
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NIRO - Dark Blue Suede/Cool Grey Open Mesh 22/12

NIRO - Light Jeans Suede/Cool Grey Open Mesh 20/12

NIRO - Dark Blue Suede / Mesh 55/55

NIRO - Black Suede / Mesh 1/52

NIRO - Taupe Suede/Multi Camouflage 37/85

NIRO - Natural Suede / Open Mesh 80/12

NIRO - Chili Red Suede/Cool Grey Open Mesh 24/12

NIRO - Black Suede / Mesh 1/52

NIRO-011 - Item is available.

USD$ 165.00

Product Information

For those who have a passion for the outdoors as well as the sidewalks of the city. ALLROUNDER shoes and sandals combine advanced technical features, attention to design elements, quality materials and the latest fashion perfect harmony of comfort, style and function.