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Top 4 Recommendations For Comfortable Shoe Shopping Online

It is said that each day we take an estimated 10,000 steps per day. Those steps should be in comfortable shoes. Finding that perfect fit of comfortable shoes is always a difficult and long process. Over the years, Mephisto has developed important technology in the advancement of providing comfortable shoes for every step you take. Below are the top 3 recommendations for finding comfortable shoes:

Recommendation 1: It Is All In The Heel

Padding and cushion is everything for finding comfortable shoes online. Whether you are looking for men’s sandals or women's sandals, oxford shoes, or boots to name a few, the importance of having the right cushion amount is key. The more cushion under the heel, the more shock that is absorbed, which reduces other ailments that can stem from not having the proper amount of cushion.

Recommendation 2: Padding All Around

What is better than just cushioning in the heel? All-over soft padding. Walking 10,000 steps means your heels are not the only part of the foot that is impacted. Finding comfortable shoes means making sure that comfort is all around.

Recommendation 3: Air Circulation

Controlling moisture inside your shoes is another key factor in maintaining comfort for your feet.  “SOFT-AIR” is a revolutionary technology developed by Mephisto to further enhance their footwear.  A foam midsole facilitates air circulation inside the shoe, reduces the impact resulting from walking and helps to relieve pressure on the spine and joints.  Air circulates inside the shoe to control moisture creating a healthier environment for your feet.

Recommendation 4: Quality Material

A good pair of comfortable shoes will be constructed with only the finest materials. With higher quality material used, it not only provides a better walking experience but also a longer lifespan for the shoes. Walking those 10,000 steps means finding shoes that can withstand that distance.

Shopping for comfortable shoes, especially comfortable shoes online, is never an easy task. However, our top 3 recommendations are at the core of what we believe are important steps in finding those comfortable shoes online that can handle those 10,000 and counting steps per day.


Traveling & Sightseeing By Foot

It is said that the best way to sightsee is by foot. Walking amongst the locals while taking in the sights and sounds prove to have a memorable impact on your traveling experience. Whether you have a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks in your excursion it is important that comfortable walking shoes are key.

Looking to catch one last trip in for the summer? Our top 5 suggestions for the most walkable cities in the U.S. are New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Each city provides an ample amount of walking opportunities. Some of our top suggestions of sights to see in each city are:

New York City - Central Park and Times Square

San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman's Wharf

Boston - The Freedom Trail and Quincy Market

Chicago - Walk Michigan Ave. and check out the Millennium Park

Philadelphia - The Constitutional Walking Tour

All Rounder shoes can provide the comfort city walkers are looking for in any type environment. We wish you happy travels in both comfort and style!